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Moral Madness Swallows March Madness

March Madness has been swallowed up by what can only be referred to as Moral Madness as North Carolina find itself at the center of a storm of controversy that very few fans, especially college football odds enthusiasts, care about.


This mess began when the NCAA and ACC decided to remove all sex-segregated championship games because North Carolina has sex-segregated bathrooms. The law responsible for sparking this chaos is House Bill 2.


This isn’t the first time North Carolina is hosting sports championship games. It has been doing so for several years, decades in fact; it has always been the norm for locker rooms to be sex-segregated, something that every other state has done (until relatively recently).


You will also find that a legal case of discrimination against transgenders has never been raised in North Carolina, at least not when it comes to the use of locker rooms, probably because this isn’t the sort of problem that existed decades ago, and it still doesn’t exist at the present.


It is also worth noting just how effectively North Carolina has handled its financial matters, especially when compared to other states. Looking at figures going as far back as 2013 (when the conservative governor took office), the private sector has seen an injection of nearly 300,000 new jobs.


This explains why unemployment has dropped so drastically (3.7 percent). As one of only a few states with a Triple-A Credit rating, the state’s tax reforms have seen the business climate undergo a dramatic and largely positive transformation, which is why it is not surprising that North Carolina has the fourth fasted growing economy in the country.


Of course, no one really cares about any of North Carolina’s financial gains because these positive elements have been unsurprisingly lost in the noise rising from the radical left whose efforts are clearly designed to make political gains.


The fact that the Charlotte City Council is so determined to exaggerate the supposed discrimination of transgendered people in North Carolina, this in a clear attempt to generate conflict, will infuriate a lot of people, and rightly so.


The city’s non-discrimination policy recently underwent a transformation when the Human Rights Campaign and city leaders chose to create an ordinance to add gender identity and sexual orientation into the mix.


The politics of this whole situation are very muddled and hardly worth analyzing, especially for those people that understand the true intentions of those pushing this issue to the fro.


People who understand the law might also choose to frown upon the recent additions to the non-discrimination policy. The law is supposed to be based on an objective standard for people’s safety; it isn’t supposed to bother with the subjective standard for people’s comfort.


There is little point in confusing the law with gender identity and sexual orientation because these are fluid feelings that can change from day to day.


Charlotte’s decision to factor these elements into the non-discrimination policy subverts the purpose of the law. The General assembly should be commended for taking steps to curtail some of these actions which clearly threaten the freedoms of those that do not fall in step with the radical left.

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