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Vela Forfeits Season?

The season for Vela boys basketball team got shaky today, as the team self reported themselves for possible UIL violations.  The Sabercats are state ranked and hold a 27-3 record but that could all go away with a DEC vote.  All the district schools are quiet right now about the impending meeting but certain questions have come up while researching the violations and the ramifications that might come out of the meeting.

Question 1: Why did Vela self report?  The answer is that they are admitting to a clerical error with a player.  However, admitting to it basically signals that you’re going to forfeit the games that player played in.  Which from looks like almost every game.

Question 2: If it went to a DEC (district executive committee) vote, what would happen?  Well, Vela and PSJA Memorial would abstain from voting.  So there would be three Edinburg schools and three PSJA schools.  The Edinburg schools are under a directive to not vote against each other no matter what.  So if the PSJA schools vote for forfeiture and the Edinburg vote the opposite way, the deciding vote would be PSJA Memorial.  PSJA Memorial would be the swing vote.  Interestingly enough, PSJA Memorial and Economedes are tied for the fourth spot in district.  It would be in the Wolverines best interest to vote for the forfeits.

Question 3:  Should the head coach Lalo Rios be suspended?  This was a question floating around social media today and I have to say it’s a stupid question.  Why should he be suspended for this violation?  The team will forfeit their games, the kids will lose out on making a playoff run, and a stellar season is over.  No reason to pour salt in the wound here.

This is all semantics anyways.  From what I am hearing, Vela will show up on Monday.  They’ll tell the DEC what happened, and they’ll forfeit their games and the district will go to either Edinburg, or PSJA North.  PSJA North stands a game behind Edinburg.

What do you think?

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