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Weslaco Releases Candidate Lists

Weslaco has narrowed their list to four coaches.  Those coaches will be interviewing tomorrow, with what is assumed to be a decided at Thursday’s board meeting.

Sources in Weslaco tell 956sports that Michael Salinas, Spencer Gantt, Clint Finley, and Michael Alan Troutman will be doing a second interview tomorrow.


Archila, Mike
Bechtold Jr., Robert (McHi OC)
Bowman, Berry
Boyer, Kenneth
Brown, David (DC Texas A&M Kingsville)
Chavez, Bradley (STJPII HC)
Cieri, Kenneth
Del Percio, Mark
Emerson, Thomas Colt
Esquivel Jr., Elias (Valley View Asst)
Ferkovich, Dan
Finley, Clint (Formerly Los Fresnos HC)
Franz III, Frank Anthony (DC Edinburg North)
Gail, Robert
Gantt, Spencer (Formerly San Benito HC)
Garza-Gerow, James (Weslaco East asst)
Gibbons, David G.
Guerra, Alexander M. (Formerly La Villa HC)
Guzman, A. Rene (DC Weslaco East)
Hammond, Marty L. (OC Edinburg North)
Hove, Matthew M.
Jacobs, Benjamin J.
James, Rocky Martin (Rio Hondo HC)
Jones, Taihi (Formerly Hidalgo HC)
Jones, William Gregor
Leal, Gilbert D. (Formerly Harlingen South/Mercedes HC)
LemMon, Matthew
Marroquin, Esteban (Formerly PSJA HC)
Martinez, Pete D. (OC Mercedes )
Mejia, Robert
Montgomery, Douglas
Moore, Ross  (Weslaco asst.)
Moyer, Larry B.
Pena, Jose (Hidalgo asst.)
Perez, Gilbert
Ponce, Jose
Salinas, Michael Eloy (Vela HC)
Sanchez, Jose
Stumbaugh, Monty G.  (Formerly Port Isabel HC)
Tarantola, Shaun A. (Rowe OC)
Troutman, Michael Alan (Klein Collins asst)
Valdez, Gabriel

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  1. I used to coach in the valley a few years ago, but decided to move up north and one thing I never understood, is why the recycle coaches like aluminum cans down there. Some of the coaches appylying for the job, I actually know, and I don’t understand why they like moving around, when they’ve already got nice jobs with them. Obviously the money, but if you can’t life off your means with the coaching job you have right now, then there’s no reason another district will hire you if that’s all you’re chasing. Just weird how the valley runs its programs down there. Good luck to all the applicants.

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